What we do...

We live and breathe social media and digital marketing!

Social Avenue Platform is so much more than just any social media and marketing agency. 

Backed with years of industry-leading experience and expertise, we truly care about helping you grow.


Below are a wide range of services we offer to help your brand reach its full potential:

Social Media Management

Saving you valuable time, we can manage your social media, keeping your accounts highly active and engaged, scheduling and uploading content at optimal times whilst using expert generated relevant hashtags to maximise your reach.

Whether you want us to completely take over your social media account or just provide a boost,

we are ready to impress!

Additional Advanced Growth Service:

  • Increase organic post engagements by over 70% 

  • Increase organic traffic by an average of 78%

  • Exponential growth in organic following within target audiences

  • Saving over $8,500 a month in equivalent Instagram ad fees.

Contact us to create a customised social media management package that suits your needs.

Social Media Management

Influencer Management

Influencer Management

Whether you are an influencer looking to grow your presence or a brand looking to partner with influencers, we have all the right connections. Using our industry insights and knowledge matched with our famous 'little black book' of contacts, we will set you up with the best possible outcome. 

Social Avenue Platform has a great reputation within the industry, allowing is to negotiate on your behalf to receive the best partnerships.

We can also recruit and manage influencer outreaches, campaigns and ambassador programs, matching you with relevant talent and celebrities with high engagement, whilst managing all aspects of the partnership as required. 

Grow with us and reach new possibilities!


Contact us today to receive a custom quote. 

Content Creation

Content Creation

We create high-quality content that reflects your brand aesthetic and engages your target audience.

Create a professional and polished look to your social media account with premium posts created by expert graphic designers and matched with enthralling copywriting.

Studies have found that consumers can gain significant trust towards a brand through social media and that Instagram helps 80% of its users decide to buy a product or service. This is why it is critical that your content is engaging, relevant, professional and reflective of your brand identity.


Present yourself how you'd like to be perceived! 


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PR & Brand Management

PR & Brand Management

The team at Social Avenue Platform are experts at presenting your brand in the best possible light. 

We can help create or rebrand your brand identity, strategically planning the voice, personality, colour palette, fonts and design style that will consistently be known and recognised as your brand.

Managing your brand allows us to make sure your brand is consistently relevant with a sparklingly reputation.


With enviable connections and leading publicists on our team, Social Avenue Platform can get your brand all the hype and buzz it needs to stand out of the crowd.


Want to elevate your brand? Contact us and we will make it happen!

Photo Shoot Management

Photo Shoot Management

An awe-inspiring photo shoot makes all the difference! Whether you need a photo shoot for your products, services, or even a venue, we are confident in creating breathtaking shots.

Greatly woven within a network of elite contacts, Social Avenue Platform can birth new concepts, creative direct and bring your photo shoot to life with the very best photographers, models, venue settings, stylists, hair and make up artists and more!

We have created countless photo shoots which have been used by our clients for catalogues, social media content, promotions and even magazine features with the top publications. 

For your convenience, we even have our very own photography studio!


Ready to create some magic? Contact us today to organise a shoot!

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Create tactically cultivated campaigns that drives the results you are looking for!


Whether your end goal is the gain more followers, increase traffic and engagement, increase brand equity or conversions, we will come up with the ultimate campaign that brings the best return on investment.

With a vast range of campaign strategies through countless avenues, we are not afraid to think outside the box. Social Avenue Platform can create an advertising, influencer or public relations campaign that will create the ultimate hype!

What are you waiting for? Let's get started!


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