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Renee - Creative Director

Renee De Jong


Your ultimate promotion partner! 

Renee has successfully driven fashion brands into MEGA empires! She is an expert in driving sales and growing countless engaged followers across social platforms. She is skilled in bringing explosive growth to businesses through her forward-thinking approaches. 

Having led national brand campaigns, built numerous businesses and as an entrepreneur and innovator, Renee understands the importance of a consistent and crackerjack brand in the competitive social space. 

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Jackie Wood

General & Digital Marketing Manager


Jenny Chung

HR & Accounts Manager


Suz Gagliardi


With a wealth of experience in social media management, brand direction, design and sales, Suz has led multiple businesses to national recognition and record-breaking milestones.


Suzannah has built a reputation for delivering unshakable social media campaigns, backed with expert market mapping and strategy.


Backed with a diverse understanding of brand application across major business sectors, Suz has got your socials covered!


Meg Anderson

Digital Marketing Assistant

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Drishti Chawla

Digital Marketing Manager